Crypto Sis by Lana Rhoades

Crypto Sis ready to start minting January 22nd
6,069 Available


What is Crypto Sis?

Crypto Sis is a collection of 6,069 unique NFT's based on Lana Rhoades. There are countless possibilities of what token you might get! Each Tokenized Lana is algorithmically generated with special accessories which will all contribute to the creation of each unique piece. Don’t miss out on the chance to own the most unique collection out there!

What is an NFT?


future partnerships

While we don't control the market, or how the world works, we do control how hard we work and the resources we put into this project and the team is in this for the long haul and while it is starting with Lana it will become much bigger of a brand, movement, and community than you can imagine. We have already locked in partnerships and notable mainstream females that will be joining us.

Real world utilities

-One lucky minter will win an all inclusive trip to South Africa and meet Lana Rhoades.
-Meet & Greets with future Crypto Sis Leaders (Lana is committed to making Crypto Sis much bigger than her and many mainstream notable female figures will continue to join this community)
-Exclusive Merch Line.

free education

Holders holding longer than 30 days will get shoutouts of them their business if they so choose on our official social media accounts to help grow their brand or biz. Use as Profile Pic so holders can identify each other. Free marketing, biz, and education workshops led by 8 and 9 figure business owners and experts to help community members grow their presence on social media. Our community believes in education and pushing everyone forward.

Loyalty is rewarded

Genesis holders get whitelist spot for Valentines Day Drop and future drops. Genesis holders who do not sell by the time the crypto sis coin is launched will get a airdrop rewarding their loyalty
Genesis holders above a certain # of NFTs  will get airdropped special exclusive NFTs.



Phase 1

10% Sold out

10 Lucky Holders of Crypto Sis NFT will receive an Extra Crypto SIS NFT.


Phase 2

30% Sold out

Decentraland and Sandbox Wearable will start being developed.


Phase 3

50% Sold out

A Piece of Designated Metaverse Land will be purchased to create a hangout spot for Crypto Sis NFT Community.


Phase 4

70% Sold out

Lana Rhoades will send a personalized message to 10 Lucky Holders along with a surprise care package (a surprise Airdrop NFT).


Phase 5

80% Sold out

50 Lucky Crypto Sis Owners will receive Crypto Sis Merch signed by Lana and ahead of releasing Merch!


Phase 6

90% Sold out

5 ETH will be distributed to top holders of Crypto Sis NFT!


Phase 7

100% Sold out


After sellout

Rob K IRL(In Real Life) utility rewards for male dinos announcement!

Crypto Sis NFT Holders will get Whitelisted for all future Partnerships of Crypto Sis FUTURE Projects.

Crypto Sis NFT Merch will be released to the public.

Events in Metaverse with Lana Rhoades and her exclusive network.

Crypto Sis NFT by Lana Rhoades Valentine exclusive.

Partnership Announcements.

Decentraland and Sandbox Metaverse Merch.

Exclusive community to speak with Lana.


Lana Rhoades


Victoria Daniel


Carter Jamison

Marketing Strategist

Join The Community

Crypto Sis by Lana Rhoades is the hottest new project in the NFT sphere! With a rock-solid community growing at lightning speed you CANNOT miss out on this titanic collection. Join our discord server now and meet thousands of NFT enthusiasts, Crypto Sis OG’s and loyalists, and even Lana herself where you can participate in community events, giveaways, and keep up with the latest information about the the project. Start 2022 with a bang and mint a Crypto Sis!

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asked questions

What is Crypto Sis by Lana Rhoades NFT?

Crypto Sis by Lana Rhoades is a collection of 6,069 randomly generated NFTs in the Ethereum Network. Lana wanted to create a special connection between her loyal fans and herself so the team started working together to create Crypto Sis! We have been working closely to add outfits, costumes, expressions, and tons of different details to the art. Lana is excited to bring this to life as this will bring special rewards to its holders.

When is the sale/drop date?

Pulbic sale starts January 22nd and pre-sale starts January 20th.

Where do I get a MetaMask?

Go straight to the source! Here is the link:

How much does it cost to mint?

Crypto Sis by Lana Rhoades NFT will cost 0.10 Ethereum + Gas on Public Sale! 0.08 Ethereum + Gas for Presale(Make sure you have enough to cover gas)

How many Crypto Sis by Lana Rhoades are there?

Crypto Sis by Lana Rhoades will be a collection of 6,969 NFTs! We will include special edition copies of Crypto Sis by Lana Rhoades NFT that will come with some secret benefits.

What are the benefits for holders?

Crypto Sis by Lana Rhoades NFT will come with many benefits for its holders including Airdrops, Giveaways, IRW(In Real World) Utilities, and In the Metaverse Utilities.

Is there any secondary market?

Yes! If you missed out on the sale you will be able to find it in Opensea AFTER we launch.

How do I view my NFT after purchase?

Once purchased/minted, your Lana NFT will be sent out to your address or any connected wallet that you purchased the NFT from. You will then be able to log in to OpenSea and view your New NFT! REMINDER It can take a bit of time for the item to show up in your wallet! PLEASE make sure to refresh your metadata if it does not show up! Please feel free to REACH out incase you have any issues; we are always here and more than happy to help!